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About Loot Deals

If you are looking for buying best products with best deals, offers, coupons & freebies then Loot.Deals is the perfect website for you. Loot Deals is an exciting website of a collection of a number of deals, coupons, discounts, tricks and that can assist in saving and earning money. With the help of this website, the users can be made aware of the various hacks for saving their money through a number of deal alerts. The users can also update themselves with the latest deal by getting free deal alerts on Whatsapp. With the help of loot deals, one can avail the benefit of getting the products and items at concessional prices. Loot Deals is a social platform for availing the deals and offers on various products. Hence, overall one can say that this website gives you a chance to challenge the high prices of products manufactured by various companies by getting the same at reasonable and discounted prices with the help of deals and offers.

The brand ambassador Goblin

The concept of Loot Deals is mainly based on the character of Goblin who was a remarkable evil dwarf like a demon which was a part of European stories. These goblins were characterized to be small which had magical abilities by which they satisfied their greed, especially for gold and jewellery. Hence, the brand ambassador of Loot Deals is Goblin who possessed magical power for satisfying their deals. Loot Deals assures to provide you similar kind of magical powers by making you aware of the various loot deals and offers on the variety of products. You can grab the advantage of the offer coupons to acquire products at concessional or discounted prices for satisfying your greed for them.


Loot Deals is based on the basic elements such as innovation, alertness, and customer cooperation. The vision of Loot Deals is to build a strong traffic of users by the end of the year 2016. Thus, our main vision is to spread the benefit of deals, offers and coupons to a wide range of users of the website for the general good of the society.

Who we are

We are basically a group of college-based students who are deal hunters. We have developed Loot Deals with the help of knowledge gained from various internet sources and thus have been successful in bringing a range of deals and offers for the users. We are all engineering based students who can access a computer at a vast stretch. We go through all the popular shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, PayTM, Freecharge and others to add an element of convenience for the users.

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