Loot Deals’ FAQ

Do you have any doubt? any confusion? or question? Don’t worry we are here with the list of Loot Deals’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Most of the Loot Deals users ask us same common questions and we have to give them all the same answer, again and again, So we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions, where you can find all answers to all the questions striking in your mind so here, is the list of Loot Deals’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

SMS, WhatsApp, Email Alerts and Push Notifications

What are Loot Deals' SMS, WhatsApp, Email and Push Notifications services?

We know that it is very hard to check deals, discounts and offers again and again by opening the Loot Deals’ website. So for your convenience, we have come up with some useful services, by subscribing these free services you can never miss a loot as we provide instant notifications as Loot Deals alert right away on Mobile via SMS, WhatsApp on your computer via Email and Push Notifications. Isn’t it cool? So don’t think much and subscribe these services for free.

Is SMS/WhatsApp/Email Alert/Push Notifications Service FREE?

Yes, All these services are completely FREE. We don’t charge anything for it. So feel free to share it with your friends and help us to grow.

How to get Loot Deals alerts via SMS?

We are currently in the process of starting this service, stay in the touch to know more.

How to start Loot Deals alerts on WhatsApp?

You can start Loot Deals’ WhatsApp alerts in 3 easy steps:
  1. Add Loot Deals contact 7877997787 to your contacts.
  2. Open WhatsApp and refresh the WhatsApp contact list.
  3. Send a message START via WhatsApp to the Loot Deals number.

How to get Loot Deals alerts via Email?

You can start Loot Deals’ email alerts in 3 easy steps:
  1. Click here to go to Loot Deals’ home page, there you will see a mail subscription box.
  2. Enter your mail id into that box and hit Enter.Look for the confirmation email you got in your mail inbox, click to confirm and you are done.
  3. Look for the confirmation email in your email inbox, click to confirm and you are done.

How to start Push Notifications service?

Just open the Loot Deals on any modern browser which support push notification services, Loot Deals will ask you automatically to start this service when it asks just allow Loot Deals to send you notifications.

How to stop Loot Deals' alert services?

You can easily stop these services. To stop Loot Deals WhatsApp alerts just send STOP on the Loot Deals’ WhatsApp number, to stop the Loot Deals’ email alerts just click on the unsubscribe button given in the bottom of the email and to stop the Loot Deals’ push notification just turn off it from your browser settings.

Do you spam?

No, we never spam, we hate spam like you.

What about privacy? Are my details safe with you?

We love your privacy and every data we collect from you is safe. Please see our dedicated loot deals privacy and policy page.
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Pricing Errors

What is pricing error?

Many times during listing of products on sites, seller commits some mistake and enters the wrong price of the product which results in huge price difference like for example a seller wants to list a product price ₹1000 but ended up adding two zero instead of three so now product will be available at ₹100 only and discount becomes 90% and sometimes this happens due to a technical glitch but many times it is done intentionally to gain traffic, clear the stock. It is a marketing strategy used by many e-commerce players nowadays.

Do deals with pricing errors get fulfilled?

Yes, sometimes item bought with the pricing errors get delivered but in many cases, orders get cancelled by the system automatically or manually from the seller’s side. We also recommend you to place these orders on Cash on Delivery as in many cases orders get auto cancelled by the system due to pricing errors.

Why do I see pricing error deals out of stock or with the increased price?

Deals with pricing error go out of stock very soon, so you should never give a second thought when you see a pricing error, just place the order before blinking your eyes, you always get a lot of time to think later as you can cancel the order anytime.
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Giveaway & Contests

What is a Giveaway?

A thing that is given free, often for promotional purposes to a participant chosen from a pool of entries at random.

How to Participate in a Giveaway?

To participate in a giveaway you have to do some tiny tasks like following the brand’s twitter account, sharing the product page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and all these tiny tasks you do increases your chances to win.

Do people really win Giveaway?

Yes, people do win the giveaway, The Internet is so Big, so Powerful and Pointless and people also do scam using the word “giveaway” just to get traffic to their site, likes, followers etc but here at Loot Deals, we post only the trusted giveaways from the various trusted sources. there are many Loot Deals’ users who have won these giveaways so we recommend you to keep trying your luck, you will win for sure one fine day. 🙂
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Loot Deals’ Standards

What are the Loot Deals' Standards?

We have made some units to measure the quality of the deals. These units are the badges we give to a deal. These badges tell how good that deal is, for now, we have four standards, in future, we will add more standards to give you best out of best deals. These four badges are Freebie, Best, Best Value and Editor’s Choice.


Indicates items which are completely FREE, usually in the form of free samples and promotional material. You do not have to shed a single rupee to get these.

Lowest Ever

Indicates that the price for the item is this low for the first time ever. Prices can shoot up again, so be quick to grab these offers.

Best Value

Indicates that the item is available at a discounted price which offers great value for your money. If you were looking to purchase it, the best time is now.

Editors' Choice

Indicates an amazing offer handpicked by our editing staff. These crazy & jaw-dropping deals should not be missed.
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More Loot Deals FAQs

What does Loot Deals do?

Loot.Deals provides pricing errors, freebies, and other deals notifications in real-time as soon as some pricing error happens on any e-commerce site like Amazon, Flipkart, TataCLiQ, PayTM, Snapdeal, eBay and more, at Loot Deals you will be the first to catch it before anyone else discovers it.

Loot Deals is FREE to use?

Yes, Loot Deals is completely FREE to use and it will be always FREE.

I see a deal on Loot Deals but it is no longer available or showing increased price, why?

It happens, all deals, offers, coupons & pricing errors have a very limited stock or last for a limited time only. So we advise you to check Loot Deals often and loot the deals as soon as you see it.

Can I post deals on Loot Deals?

Yes, you can join deal hunters team to post deals on Loot Deals, just contact us for that.
Still confused about something? or want an answer to any question which is not listed here? feel free to contact us.
In all cases, we’ll try our best to reply back within 24 hours, but in case we don’t, there’s no need to resend us the mail. If you’ve sent it, we are sure to read it and reply back (if needed).
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