Get free T-shirt from Zippr App.

Zippr is an innovative app that helps users create a unique Zippr shortcode. A combination of 4 random alphabets and 4 random numbers (ex QWER1357) replace the traditional and archaic long address. The app helps you create and manage these places in a simple and intuitive manner. Zippr is offering Zippr goodies for sharing zippr app with your buddies.

Zippr logo free t shirt - Get free T-shirt from Zippr App.

Zippr App has a very simple refer and earn program where you get ₹15 points every time a friend installs Zippr app and signs up using your link. It’s that simple. When you get enough points you can buy stuff from the Zippr store found in the same app. All products have Zippr branding on them but again those are FREE and T-shirt is the best thing you can get from the Zippr store in just ₹225 points and these points can be earned easily by referring your 15 friends.
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How to get Free T-shirt from Zippr App?

Claim your FREE T-shirt in just 3 easy steps.

  1. Click Here to install and sign-up.(you will get ₹15)
  2. Refer your 15 friends to get more ₹225
  3. Buy your t-shirt for free with the earned ₹ points!

Once you claim your T-shirt, it takes 15 days to reach your doorstep, We are also adding the pics of the free t-shirt we got from Zippr App

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