Loot medicines and cosmetics worth ₹600 for ₹250 only

BigChemist is truly professional company for 100% Original Medicines, Authentic vitamins, sport nutrition supplements and Beauty Products. BigChemist sells only the highest-grade substances needed for health and bodily growth. This new year BigChemist providing more than 50% discount on your first order and more 50% discount on the next two orders.
BigChemist Loot Deals.com  300x146 - Loot medicines and cosmetics worth ₹600 for ₹250 only

How to loot medicines and cosmetics worth ₹600 for ₹250 only?

  1. Click Here to go to BigChemist and create an account.
  2. Select your desired products worth ₹600 or more and add to cart.
  3. After products are added, go to edit cart or view cart.
  4. Now on cart the page apply coupon BCHPN-5966-6O4KU-YOWI.
  5. Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
  6. Now in checkout page, again use coupon xmas750
    (if required, cancel existing coupon and reapply this one, don’t worry, both discounts will be added)
  7. Now click on “Place Order” and you are done.

If you are not able to cancel the old BCHPN-5966-6O4KU-YOWI code and reapply xmas750 code, logout and login again, now go to cart and apply xmas750 code, you will see both the coupons will be applied.

BigChemist XMAS750 Loot Deals  - Loot medicines and cosmetics worth ₹600 for ₹250 only

After that, you can use coupon xmas750 more two times on your next two orders worth ₹500 and more. So hurry, don’t miss this Loot Deal before your desired stuff get out of stock or offer gets expired.