Get Rs.100 FREE direct into your bank account.

Get FREE Rs.100 direct into your bank account, Bank account holders just need to send Rs.1 each to one of your friends who are using Chillr app.
Chillr - Get Rs.100 FREE direct into your bank account.

Chillr is a revolutionary new app that lets you send money immediately to anyone in your phone book, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more hassles of adding beneficiaries!

You can request money, split bills amongst friends and can also recharge your mobile, DTH & data cards. Soon you will be able to pay at online or offline stores using Chillr.

Chillr is launching first for HDFC Bank and is available exclusively for customers of HDFC Bank. As an HDFC Bank customer, you can also transfer money to your contacts having other bank accounts.

How to get Rs.100 FREE  into your bank account?

  1. Click to Download Chillr app
  2. Enter your details and in referral code section enter DIVAK47.
  3. Now send Rs.1 to your friends who are using Chillr app.

If you don’t find any friends who are using Chillr app then, send money on 9983482574, 7877997787, 8824334288.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Chillr – a brand by Backwater Technologies is holding a “Get Rs 100 by a simple transfer to friend” program (here-in-after referred to as “program”) which is valid throughout India except in the states where prohibited by law.
2. The program ends on Feb 10, 2017.
3. A Chillr user must transact with 1 user during the validity period to win Rs 100. Own account transfers & utility transactions will not be considered.

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